Holiday Show 2019


 (Please review all of the following information and complete the "Holiday Show Agreement" by clicking on the green button below.)

  • Refer to your dancer's itinerary for all drop off and pick up times. Itineraries are specific to each dancer, according to their enrolled classes! DO NOT compare to a sibling's or a friend's!

  • ALL rehearsals are closed to visitors.

  • Arrival times are critical! We cannot accept late arrivals. Please arrive ON TIME for each event!

  • Hair needs to be in a clean, slicked back bun on the CROWN OF HEAD.

  • All clothes, costumes, shoes and belongings MUST BE LABELED!

  • Check that dance shoes fit.

  • Please be sure to give your dancer a nutritious, protein filled meal and minimal water before rehearsals and shows.

  • ALL dancers must attend ALL of the following MANDATORY events: (Line-ups and “partner” dances depend on it!)

          - Friday, Dec. 13th: Full Dress Rehearsal AT THE STUDIO. (Refer to itinerary for details.)

          - Saturday, Dec. 14th: Morning run through AT LOS COCHES CREEK, and TWO shows. (Refer to itinerary for details.)

  • Girls should not wear underwear under tights. If they are uncomfortable with this, must be nude color!

  • Dancers are to wear absolutely NO JEWELRY (including earrings), NO NAIL POLISH, and NO “TATTOOS”!

  • Because of the bright lights used on stage, a dancer’s face looks very “washed out” if make-up is not applied. Apply make-up as listed below:

      (Please let us know if you are personally opposed to stage make-up.)

          1.   Foundation: Use any natural tone. Apply lightly to entire face; blend into neck.

          2.   Blush: Reddish pink. Extend over the cheekbone up into the hairline. This is important so faces don’t look washed out!

          3.   Eye Shadow: Light brown on lid and white highlighter under brow bone.

          4.   Lipstick: A "true" red. “Long lasting” or smudge proof lip colors work well.  

          5.   Mascara: Black, lightly applied is fine for older dancers; however, if your child has a tendency to rub her eyes, PLEASE DON’T USE IT!

          6.   TOO LITTLE is better than too much!

  • NO flash photography or video camera tripods will be permitted during the show, no exceptions! DVD’s of the performance will be available to order.

  • IMPORTANT! Please read and understand dismissal procedure noted on the back of your itinerary. We appreciate your cooperation!

Click on your child's dance class(es) below to view important details. Please call the Class Mom if you have ANY questions (about costumes or general information).

Attention, Dancers in Multiple Classes! Click on each of your class links below and find the number in the upper right corner of each costume box. Arrive to Friday's Dress Rehearsal wearing your LOWEST NUMBERED COSTUME, and BRING ALL OTHERS!

Click on the red button to view Itinerary by Group.

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