Picture Day 2019


BEFORE PICTURE DAY ARRIVES, you must submit an online Picture Day form (whether or not you are purchasing pictures). Click on the pink button below to access form.

The online form is your child's "ticket" to have their picture taken. Feel free to print your receipt (arriving to you via email), but you DO NOT need to bring your form on Picture Day!  




Click on your child's Dance Class below to view specific Picture Day information, including:

DATE, TIME, and COSTUME DETAILS. Dancers need to arrive to Picture Day on time, and in costume ready to go!

Monday 3:30 Lil' Peeps Hip Hop (Kinder)

Monday 4:00 Jazz Intro

Monday 4:15 Tap/Jazz-N

Monday 4:45 Tap/Ballet (1st-2nd)

Monday 5:15 Ballet-Pink (3rd-5th)

Monday 5:45 Ballet-Purple (6th & Up)

Monday 6:15 Tap/Jazz-M

Monday 6:45 Lyrical-Turquoise

Monday 7:15 Tap/Jazz-Teen

Monday 7:45 Lyrical-Magenta

Tuesday 10:15 Tiny Tots

Tuesday 3:30 Lil' Hip Hop (1st-2nd)

Tuesday 3:30 Hip Hop (3rd-5th)

Tuesday 4:15 Tap/Ballet-V

Tuesday 4:15 Hip Hop (6th & Up)

Tuesday 5:15 Dance Team

Tuesday 5:30 Tiny Tots

Tuesday 6:15 Ballet-Burgundy

Tuesday 7:45 Ballet-Navy

Wednesday 10:15 Tiny Tots

Wednesday 2:30 Tap/Ballet (EAK-K)

Wednesday 3:30 Tap/Jazz-B

Wednesday 4:30 Tap/Jazz-P

Wednesday 5:15 Tap/Ballet (4-6yrs)

Wednesday 6:00 Tap/Jazz-R

Wednesday 7:00 Tap/Jazz-X

Thursday 3:45 Lyrical (3rd-5th)

Thursday 4:30 Tap/Ballet-W

Thursday 4:45 Tap/Ballet (K-1st)

Thursday 5:30 Tap/Ballet (4-6yrs)

Thursday 5:45 Tap/Jazz-Open (3rd-5th)

Thursday 6:45 Lyrical (6th & Up)

Thursday 7:45 Lyrical-Lime

Saturday 9:00 Tap/Ballet (EAK-K)

Saturday 9:00 Tap/Ballet (1st & Up)

Saturday 10:00 Jazz Intro

Saturday 10:15 Tiny Tots

Please submit one form per dancer, per class!