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It is IMPERATIVE that you follow the instructions listed on your dancer's specific Itinerary (not a sibling's or a friend's)! If you arrive late, your dancer will MISS their performance! Please be prepared and organized! If you read all material carefully, your questions should be answered. Thank you for your cooperation!


Hair needs to be in a clean, slicked back bun on the CROWN OF HEAD (not the very top). Dampen hair and use lots of product and bobby pins. NO braids or twists. A hair net (that matches dancer’s hair) is helpful over the bun to constrain flyways.


Dress Rehearsal for ALL DANCERS will be held during regular dance class times: Monday, June 5th through Thursday, June 8th. Arrive to Quest in full costume with hair and make-up done!

Tap/Ballet and Tap/Jazz classes: Arrive in your TAP costume and BRING your second costume in your recital bag (will be provided).


IMPORTANT! Arrive to Recital in your costume, dance shoes, hair done and ready to go! NO jackets or robes! Girls should not wear underwear under tights, but must wear a "nudie" leotard if they have a costume change. Bring additional costumes in the Recital Bag provided. 


Because of the bright lights used on stage, a dancer’s face looks very “washed out” if make-up is not applied. Apply make-up as listed below. (Please let us know if you are personally opposed to stage make-up.)

  • NO JEWELRY (including earrings!)



1.   Foundation: Use any natural tone. Apply lightly to entire face and blend into neck.

2.   Blush: Reddish pink. Extend over the cheekbone up into the hairline. This is important so faces don’t look washed out!

3.   Eye Shadow: Light brown on lid and white highlighter under brow bone.

4.   Lipstick: A "true" red. “Long lasting” or smudge proof lip colors work well. 

5.   Mascara: Black. Lightly applied is fine for older dancers, however, if your child has a tendency to rub her eyes, PLEASE DON’T USE IT!

6.   TOO LITTLE make-up is better than too much!

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