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About Us

Alpine Dance Academy was founded as “Diane’s School of Dance” in Alpine, California in 1982. It was there that “Miss” Diane transformed her family room into a dance studio so that she could share her love and knowledge of dance with the community of Alpine. By 1990, the studio had outgrown the family room and was moved to its current location.

After 25 years of dedication, “Miss” Diane passed the studio on to her daughter, “Miss” Kellie, who has truly enjoyed continuing its great traditions and professional foundations. Today, Alpine Dance Academy still strives to share the love of dance with people of all ages. Some may try it for a year or two…some, for a lifetime!

Each year, our dancers have the opportunity to perform in two recitals, as well as other events around our community and beyond. We also have a performance dance team who attends competitions and community service events throughout the year. Today, just as “Miss” Diane had done from the beginning, Alpine Dance Academy continues to spread knowledge, experience, and passion for art of dance!

Meet Our Staff

"Miss" Kellie

"Miss" Kari

"Miss" Amanda




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